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Gaming is never an exclusive activity. It's meant to be shared and get excited about. That is why we created Gioco. Share your favourite gaming moments with just about anyone you meet!

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Everything you love about gaming one place!

 Gioco was built with love and passion by a team of fellow gamers like you. 
We want to bring friends and people together through gaming;
Build your profile and find new friends who share similar gaming interests!

Get excited over games you are currently playing or up-coming ones together.
Or create your own circle of gamers and host regular gaming sessions.
There is a new home for gamers - Connect and play together with Gioco!

Build your
gamer profile!

Personalize your profile to show your friends the kind off gamer you truly are.

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Keep in touch with all the games around you and even who plays them.

Find gamers
like you.

Why play alone when Gioco constantly looks out for gamers who have similar interests?

Share favourite
gaming moments!

Share and talk about your favourite games. Organize events and see upcoming gaming events!


Watch this space for news and events.

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, ALL events will be halted for the time being.
IF you reaaaaaallyy do need to head out, remember to wear your protective gear.
Stay home, stay safe......and save often. 

- The Gioco Team

Friends that
play together, stay together.

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Available now on Google Play!


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