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A Letter to our Community

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

The founder, Kathiravan, talks about the development of Gioco, what it means to the team, and what the future holds.

Greetings Gamers,

I'm overwhelmed with excitement for finally being able to talk to you, the gaming community, about Gioco. Truth be told, it's a bit nerve-racking too, doing so many new and different things as we're relatively new as developers. Writing an update entry is no different.

Rest assured though, despite Gioco being our first product, it is nonetheless a creation molded out of our sheer passion for gaming. Many of us in the team have been gaming for more than 25 years across platforms, and naturally, our energy bars always stay full when it comes to working on Gioco.

So, what is Gioco? Well, Gioco is a product of our vision to create a world that plays together. It's a home for players to congregate and share just about anything gaming related.

The idea for Gioco came from a simple question that struck us not too long ago. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to share the best gaming moments with just about any gamer you meet or already know? That the very instant two players connect on a single platform; the door opens to a multitude of possibilities to play together.

The best kind of fun is one that is enjoyed together. Gaming has never been an exclusive activity. Even if it's a single-player game, the experience is meant to be shared and talked about. We reminisce about these epic, jaw-dropping moments with each other, and eventually, these moments become our legacy. We wanted a platform for gamers to carve these epic stories in stone.

With Gioco, we didn't just want to create another social platform. The experience it should offer had to be more. It had to be a home where it brings players of all kinds, from various incredible worlds, together; even if it’s a Tabletop game. A place where a glimpse of a players' profile should tell a story of the many adventures they’ve had and the challenges they have conquered.

It should also be a home that offers a holistic experience; from being a gateway to communicate frequently with just about any gamer, to easily organize play sessions, events and tournaments and to even keep in touch with the next big thing in gaming. The list goes on.

There are indeed tons to talk about and we plan to go into these details of what Gioco can do in the coming months leading to its launch. We can't wait to share it with the gamers.

In the meantime, we’ll be in our "game room" working tirelessly in perfecting the Gioco experience for all you gamers out there. We thank every one of you for your interest in Gioco and signing up for the early access. Here's to the future of Gioco!

Happy Gaming!

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