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Free Delivery and 20% Discount for Boardgames made in Singapore

If you're looking for things to do with the family at home, you might want to check out Singapore Boardgame Design. Not only were these highly-rated games designed right here in Singapore, but they are on a massive 20% discount with free delivery! Experience nostalgia as adults and/or introduce the local delights to the kids. What's more, teaching your kids new skills takes a fun twist; be it a new language or economics!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SGboardgamedesign

Where to buy: https://shopee.sg/singaporeboardgamedesign

We got in touch with Jaslyn Lim, Capital Games Studio Distribution Director, to learn more about the Singapore Boardgame Design Initiative.

Briefly tell us about the Singapore Boardgame Design Initiative

Singapore Boardgame Design is created by a group of indie designers to support Singaporean tabletop designers during the COVID-19 pandemic. All the games in this store are designed by Singaporeans and we hope to create more awareness about Singaporean tabletop games and help small indie designers to showcase their games. Entertain your family during this period and support local creativity and games!

How did the Singapore Boardgame Design initiative came about?

During a discussion between Lilian, brainchild behind Say What? series of games and Xeo from Capital Gains Studio, several ideas were thrown at each other how to boost the sales during a period when retail scene is almost non-existent. One idea that stood out was the creation of a consolidated web-store that consisting of only Singapore designed board games to help support indie game designers, in a market long dominated by international big players.

What is the boardgame scene in Singapore like?

It is definitely growing, in line with the growing affluence; awareness and variety of board games available. More people playing a wider spectrum of board games beyond Monopoly, which is more than 100 years old by the way.

What kind of games are available on the web-store? (You may consider talking about Genres and themes)

Currently, there are educational games as well as light games with different themes such as different universe or Asian themes etc. We look forward to increasing the types of games available on the webstore as more and more talented Singaporean game designers join us with their games.

Whom are the games suitable for? Depending on the games, they are suitable for the family just to have fun and bond or learn something while playing or for gamers who are inclined towards strategy and planning.

Are there any promotions ongoing?

A Stay Home Support Local promotion is currently ongoing. There is a 20% discount and free shipping for any game purchased via the web-store.

What can we expect from Singapore Boardgame Design Initiative in the near future (if any)

There are many ideas such as showcasing the indie game designers and their games; discount coupons or even freebies in the future. Do keep look out for them! And feel free to propose ideas too to us too!

How long does it take to receive the games?

Due to the restrictions during the circuit breaker period, delays may be expected. However, we will try to ship out as soon as practicable.

Do you have other plans to help spread awareness for local boardgames other than the current e-commerce initiative?

As a start, a Singapore Boardgame Design Facebook page has been created. The content will focus on Singaporean designed board games. The plan is to include How to play videos for the board games; introduce newly published board games by local game designers or even interviews with the game designers themselves!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SGboardgamedesign

Where to buy: https://shopee.sg/singaporeboardgamedesign

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